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Robert Engler, esc

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Interview with Robert Engler, 11/21/2013

The bottom line: ESC offers every IT professional, regardless of the stage of his career, a platform to address responsible challenges in IT project management. The work is fun, provides space for active and ongoing participation, and is characterized by appreciation. I live change, because I can alter things.


How do you see the opportunities for career development at esc?

There is a wide variety of development opportunities at esc. You can continue to develop in a team and take on new tasks autonomously, or develop exciting projects in new areas. Or do you have a new, fascinating business idea with potential, which can be promoted? You can rethink it in every way and design it. This is almost unique, and was one more reason for me to switch to esc and develop a long-term and sustained relationship.


What are three reasons why you recommend esc?

The first reason is definitely that esc is a true partner and provides a real win-win situation. I get a space where I can move freely. This satisfaction has a positive effect on my relationship with the customer and the project. Respect with trust is the second very important reason. The third is that I am freed to work more efficiently, and so with enjoyment and commitment to the cause. And overall I live change, because I can make things happen.


In a sentence, what distinguishes working at esc for you?

Every morning, I like going to work, because most importantly there are freedom, appreciation, and exciting tasks.


Robert Engler:

Creative IT worker from the marketing and creative industries, who has transferred to IT project management for new challenges, more flexibility, streamlined processes and working independently. Contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.