Best Practices

Through our projects, we have extensive and diverse expertise in IT infrastructure projects and IT project management. See for yourself and learn more about successful customer projects.

Infrastructure Project

Customer: Fiducia IT AG

Coordination and communication with all stakeholders, with the sole criterion of project success. Communication skills and people skills are essential to the successful implementation of IT projects. Only common goals can be achieved.

Senior Project Manager Otto Mayer, subcontractors esc

Peter Fuchs, esc

Unbundling project

Customer: Deutscher Ring

Outside-the-box communication is critical. People must identify and be integrated into the individual steps of the project. So, bringing together technology and human factors is crucial for success, and fascinated me ...

Senior Project Manager Peter Fuchs, employee of esc

Erich Rass, SuXess Wien

Consolidation project

Client: Nokia

IT is not an end in itself. To be successful, structures must exist or be created. This includes, as in this case, the translator role of the business change team as an intermediary between the departments with specific requirements and the IT world ...

Managing Director Erich Rass, Suxess Vienna